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  Cherilyn enjoys finding beauty in all things.  Living in peace and harmony with that which surrounds her. She strives to be the truest form of self. Lives in love and light.

She first discovered the enjoyment of photography, when she was about 12, except she was on the other side of the camera, as a young model. She later taught the class she enjoyed so much and still enjoys being on both sides of the camera.

While trying to capture beauty with the camera… and learning a new computer program to save the images, she discovered the art of manipulating digital photographs.

Cherilyn also enjoys working with acrylic paints as well as stage make-up and costuming.

She started getting serious about art about a year after her first showing with a local artist Group.

First art show was in September 2009, where she sold her first 2 pieces. She has participated in several shows since and continues to show her creations.

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"Reflection" ©Cherilyn

“Reflection” ©Cherilyn


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