The Studio

My writing and composition studio is located on historic Music Row in a stunning 1920’s manor house. This space is incredibly inspiring, and surrounded by everything Music Row has to offer.

Affectionately named Suite D Studio, it is outfitted with a huge arsenal of both hardware and software for creating every musical nuance you can imagine. From standard “songwriter” to intense pop production to TV/Film/Media composition, everything from traditional classical orchestration to bleeding edge hybrid scoring and production.

Studio Hardware includes an array of vintage and modern synthesizers, keyboards, samplers, drum machines, microphones, preamps and outboard gear.

Software includes the top orchestral sample libraries, world, drums and percussion, every kind of synthesis known to man, and more. You name it, it’s here! DAW software includes Logic, ProTools, Cubase, Samplitude, Reason, and more (they all have their strengths and work quite well together when the need arises).

For more info, just check out my dedicated web page for Suite D Studio


Feel free to CONTACT ME with inquiries about production, playing a session, arranging, scoring, and other musical needs.