DSCN2190Ok, I’m not going to bore you with a thousand pictures of me in all sorts of random locations… (as I post a picture of some Mayan ruins…) But I’ll include a few little shots here to make the page look “pretty”.

Whether touring, traveling for work, or for fun, I love being out and about, all over the country. I’m fortunate to be able to work when I’m on the go (within reason), so why not?!?

DSCN5318Favorite places in the US?
I have a soft spot for Northern California. Lake Tahoe, Napa/Sonoma, all the way into San Francisco. Amazing scenery, food, beverages, music, social scene, wilderness, big city… It’s all there!



So, I used to have a “Wine & Dine” blog while I traveled and toured. Might bring it back and start posting to it again. Of course all the “Dine” parts would be Vegan, so not your usual list of restaurants. What do you think? Should we take a vote??

DSCN2191 DSCN2149







This is Bob, my tour guide…