Being Vegetarian/Vegan

That’s right!   I’ve been Vegetarian for years, and as of 2015 am making the transition to full-on Vegan.

I love critters… It’s as simple as that! Oh, and it’s extremely healthy, at least so the experts say…

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I’ll let you be the judge, though. There’s a wealth of information online about the pro’s of a non-animal based diet, plus the many varying views on moral and health concerns that cause weirdos like me to go in this direction. :)


Eating Out

That’s where it can get tricky. Most restaurants are completely clueless about what they’re serving, unless you happen to find Veg-Friendly locales. So “Yelp” is one of my best friends. When traveling, one of the highlights is finding locally owned indie restaurants and cafes. Bigger cities are obviously easier!

So to all you restaurant owners, you need to get with the program and know what’s in your food! If you’re catering to Vegetarians, you need to learn about cheese and why not all of these are actually Vegetarian safe (rennet/enzymes – look it up!). If you’re catering to Vegans, well, it’s not rocket science. No animal derived ingredients, period. Oh, and chicken stock in your rice and lard in your beans is nooooot vegetarian. Change your menus!


I cook like crazy! My cookbook collection is almost as bad as my studio gear collection. Fresh is always best. I avoid pre-packaged garbage even if it’s labeled Vegan (preservatives, sodium, high fructose corn syrup… give me a break…).

It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s different. I’m not saying give it a try, but if you get the chance, give it a try…


I’ll update this page soon with links to plenty of resources!