Bio/About Me

This is very brief, but hopefully you’ll get a small glimpse into the “life and times”…

voovoo1I have been a working musician for several years now, working both live and in the studio playing keyboards and trumpet, arranging, transcribing, composing and songwriting, engineering, and producing projects of all types. I am a “schooled” musician, classically trained on piano and trumpet, and play a wide variety of styles including jazz, pop/rock, classical (aka “legit”), and more.

For more info, just check out my “Music” page…


I’m married to the most wonderful woman imaginable, Cheryl Knox (aka ‘The Artist Known as Cherilyn’). She’s a very talented graphic artist, photographer, dancer (she’s in several music videos!), and creative soul. She’s much more supportive of me than she has to be, and if you know me, you know that’s saying a lot!

My son, Ethan, is now a teenager (gasp!). He attends one of the best magnet schools around, and of course is in the Band! He plays sax instead of trumpet, but it’s not a perfect world… :) I couldn’t be more proud of him!

Born in Buffalo


1969 – I was born in Buffalo, NY and took my first bath at the foot of Niagara Falls (not really) – We moved to Jackson, TN in the early 70’s, where I grew up (at least in years) before heading off into “the real world”.


Grade Schools – I attended Tigrett Jr High and Jackson Central Merry (JCM) High, both of which jcm-crestwere well known for their excellent music programs. Was a member of the multi-award winning bands at both schools, and was a member of many regional honor bands through auditions against the best players in the state. I would like to give a very special thanks do the directors at my schools, David Ryan (Tigrett) and Brian Ford (JCM), for all of their support and insight, and for pushing me beyond what I would have done on my own.

mtsuCollege – I attended Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) starting in 1987. I chose MTSU because of its strong RIM (Recording Industry Management) program, which was one of very few programs of its kind in the world. I majored in music performance on trumpet and stayed involved with a lot of the projects of the RIM and Industry departments, playing trumpet and keyboards on countless sessions in the top notch studios.



Since then, I have been a freelance live and session player, arranger, writer, composer, and engineer/producer for countless bands, recording sessions, events, and both established and up-and-coming artists. I have enjoyed touring with several artists, and I continue to live “the dream” doing what I love from Music City, Nashville, TN.

Traveling, Food, and Drink

Three of my favorite things!  I travel constantly and am fortunate to be able to “work” from the road most of the time. Check out my “Travel” page if you get a chance for updates on past trips and future plans…

Vegetarian/Vegan – Yes, that’s right, I’m one of the weirdo’s out there… I have been strictly Vegetarian for many years, but as of 2015 I’m making the transition to full-on Vegan. Check out my “Being Vegetarian/Vegan” page for more info!

Fine Wines and Craft Brews & Spirits – Love ‘em!  Whether at home or on the road, I love to search out local wineries, breweries, distilleries, and the like. There is no end to the variety you can find out there if you’re willing to try something new!