voovoo1As you may or may not know, I am first and foremost a musician. Now before you pass judgement (awww, the poor guy), let me tell you, it’s wonderful to be able to spend my time and make a living doing something I love. It’s not always easy, but the rewards are beyond measure!


In today’s music world, you kind of have to be a jack-of-all-trades, and I do my best:

sessionStudio Session Musician
Live Musician
And the list goes on…


I started playing piano at a very early age. I was classically trained but found the pull of “commercial” music and became interested in synthesizers as a teen. Since then, my collection (compulsive acquisition) of synths, drum machines, and cool electronic gadgets has grown out of hand!

In my “younger days” I played keyboards with various bands from the local scene to regional groups. I continue to play on recording sessions and perform live mainly for showcases and with projects in which I’m personally involved.


I started playing trumpet in Jr High school and have been involved in live and studio projects ever since! Everything you can imagine, including Jazz, Pop, Latin, R&B, Big Band, Orchestral – you name it. Most of my major touring has been with horn sections (trumpet is much smaller than a huge keyboard!), and I continue to perform both live and in the studio, including arranging for full horn sections.

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I am an active songwriter and composer.

Songwriting efforts range from commercial Pop/Rock/Dance to Americana, even Country (but rarely your typical Nashville mess). I am fortunate to be able to write with some of Nashville’s great talents, and there are no limits!

Composition work ranges from tradition orchestral to jazz to electronica to bleeding edge sound design. My studio has recently been undergoing a major retrofit for major Film/TV/Media composition, including the latest in software and even more synth gear (as if I didn’t have enough already!).

See my “The Studio” page for more info on this hot mess of wires, computers, keyboards, and such…


I’ve been fortunate to work with many major artists, both in the studio and on tours, plus countless local and regional bands and artists. There’s so much variety and passion out there, it’s always inspirational working some someone new, whether it be for one day or months.

Feel free to CONTACT ME with inquiries about production, playing a session, arranging, scoring, and other musical needs.